Chapter 19: I leave the outside of the village to you. Don’t die.

When I told the village chief about today’s events, he immediately imposed a ban on the entire village from entering the forest.

If you must enter the forest, you must be a member of the vigilante group or hire an adventurer personally.

After the victims of the monster attack, the villagers finally understood that they were in danger.

Since the day after I saved Sophie and Helmine, the whole village is in tension.

「Are you going into the forest again today?」

It was Orle who asked me.

We’ve been talking on equal terms since we met, so we’re not like boss and subordinate, but more like that of bad friends.

「The village chief has asked me to find out the cause of the problem as soon as possible. If we can find the dungeon, we can expect some help from the Lord.」

It costs a lot of money to dispatch the Lord’s Knights and Adventurers. Unless it is an important city, unlike Yang, it will not hurt even if it collapses. Until the cause of the problem is discovered, it’s not worth spending the money to move people.

On the other hand. Once the dungeon is found, the power of the Lord will ensure that the village will flourish as a base for attacking the dungeon.

「And while we’re at it, can’t we make a few coins with the magic stones?」
「The village’s income is a little low. Well, I’ve given up.」

The Skeleton Knight’s magic stone was taken away as a common asset of the village for being obtained during the vigilante’s mission.

The same goes for the Magic Stones of the monsters we are about to fight. The demand for magic stones, which are used to power magical tools, will never end.

They will probably sell them to peddlers and add them to the village’s emergency budget.

「The number of peddlers are decreasing as rumors have spread about the appearance of monsters. We need them to sell the wheat and fruit we grow in the village.」
「I know. We can find them in a few days at the earliest, a couple of months at the most, if we follow the magic floating around the area.」

The longer it takes, the worse the village’s financial situation will become. Helmine’s inn would definitely be the first one to be affected.

Sophie is also there, and I want to solve the problem before it surfaces.

「I’m sure the Helmine Inn will be the first to be affected. The village might be a little rough, but we’ll take care of it.」
「I trust you. I especially want you to focus on the tavern and inn.」
「Of course! We’re going to have some of our own people there at night.」

That’s great! That’s good to know! Now I can concentrate on searching for dungeons without worry.

「I’ll stay in the woods for a few days. I will leave it to you.」
「Oh, I’ll leave the outside of the village to you. Don’t die.」
「I’ve crossed more dangerous bridges than this.」

I put on the large backpack I had left on the floor.

It contained preserved food, water and a tent.

I’m ready to go. I’m in perfect physical condition.

After saying goodbye to Orle, I went into the forest to look for the dungeon.

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